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Q Dr. Schiller, does my normally healthy cat need to take daily vitamins?

   A No, not as long as they are on a good commercial diet.  Your cat's food will provide all the nutrition  needed on a daily basis.  If you have specific questions about vitamins please don't hesitate to call my  office.

Q Do I need to be concerned with where I purchase my dog's flea/tick and heartworm preventatives?  I have seen very low prices advertised...

A   Absolutely! If you get these medicines on the internet or over-the-phone instead of from a licensed veterinarian it is really buyer beware.  Most reputable corporations that manufacture flea/tick medication and heartworm preventatives will only sell their products to a veterinary office.  The reason for this practice is to ensure that there is a working doctor-patient relationship and that the medications are being used properly.  Also, most of these same corporations will guarantee their products effectiveness and safety, but only if purchased through a veterinarian. 

Some 'discount' sales companies will purchase their products from unknown foreign vendors and then resell them to the American public - this can be a dangerous practice.  A recent example of this problem can be seen on the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) website at Some FRONTLINE and ADVANTAGE counterfeit products were being sold with incorrect instructions, packaging materials and product ingredients.  These phony products were sold by a discount company.  Your vet can provide safe, reliable medications that come directly from the manufacturers.

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